Factors to Consider When Finding a Dentist in Singapore

The best dentist in Singapore can be Googled, and it will provide 100s of results where the skill-sets of different dental professionals are displayed. The best place to search for a Googled dentist is usually by ranking them based on your proximity, or this might be entirely subjective as many people associate location with quality.

Once you find the best dentist Singapore has to offer, you should enquire how long they’ve been practising and if their awards are valid. Many so-called “dental awards” can be bought, which will result in a less experienced professional that charges very little for services. Once you do find someone with relevant experience, ask them about extractions.

How to find the best dentist in Singapore

  1. You can find the best dentist in Singapore by searching on Google for “dentist near me” or similar.
  2. The best place to search is usually by ranking them based on their proximity to you, but this might be entirely subjective as many people associate location with quality.
  3. Once you do find someone with relevant experience, ask them about extractions.
  4. You can also ask people you know for recommendations or check with the local dental association.
  5. Finally, if all else fails, you can go to a major metropolitan area and try your luck there – but be aware that fees might be more expensive in these areas.

How to become a dentist in Singapore

To become a dentist in Singapore, you need to complete a bachelor’s degree and undergo mandatory military service.

After passing the qualifying examinations for dentistry, you will be admitted to the state-run Basic Military Training Centre for six weeks of basic military training followed by 28 weeks of on-the-job dental assistant training at designated hospitals or clinics.

You can also expect to attend training courses for one week each month to learn specialist skills.

After your formal dental education, you will be required to complete a year of compulsory service in the Medical Corps at the rank of second lieutenant before being allowed to practice as a dentist. After completing basic military training, you are expected to work for three years in the government sector before you can set up your own practice.

What qualities make a good dentist in Singapore?

A good dentist will exhibit traits such as empathy, high energy levels, and patience with their patients.

They should be able to communicate accurately what is wrong with a patient and why they need treatment without overwhelming them or causing them anxiety.

A good dentist should also be able to explain procedures clearly and answer questions without leaving patients feeling anxious or intimidated.

What are the best techniques for tooth extraction in Singapore?

To improve your chances of success with tooth extraction, you should be sure that the hole created is big enough to accommodate the entire root length of the tooth and minimise blood loss.

Before extracting a tooth, you should first administer an analgesic (pain reliever) and rinse the area with saline or antiseptic to minimise discomfort after the procedure.

You can also ask patients to bite on a gauze pad placed over the affected area in order to stop them from biting down before you begin.

Prior to extraction, you should sterilise your surgical instruments and don a face mask or shield to protect yourself against the spread of infection. You should also make sure that any liquid created during the procedure is disposed of properly by sieving it through gauze pads attached to forceps.


If you need to find a dentist in Singapore, there are many techniques and qualifications to be aware of when finding the best professional. It is recommended that you look for a dentist who has received awards or recognition from their peers and ask about extractions before making your final choice.

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