mba program in singapore

MBA programmes in Singapore

Why you should study MBA in Singapore

Singapore has the world’s most competitive and innovative economy and many business schools that are very well known in the global space.

Some of the top MBA programmes in Singapore include those offered by NUS Business school, Nanyang Business School and Singapore Management University (SMU) as contenders to the top schools. However, you can also find programs at Rutgers University, James Cook and Kaplan Singapore. Others are Singapore Institute of Commerce, ESSEC Asia-Pacific and PSB Academy


Many international students also find it likable as a study destination first because it offers affordable MBA studying rates compared to popular destinations of the US or the UK.

Rich job market

Singapore acts as a gateway into the Asian job market, and this plus the fact that it has a strong international culture, makes it a preferred destination for those looking for an MBA program to study.

Singapore strives to be a knowledge-based economy and therefore has enriched the education sector to equip business leaders with the skills and experience they need to spur growth in that regard.

As the world’s fourth-largest financial center, there is probably no better place to hunt for a job after your MBA studies. It serves as the Asia Pacific headquarters for several international companies around the world. Secondly, it records a very low unemployment rate of around 1.9% making it very attractive for job seekers and highly-skilled individuals. Besides, it is easier in Singapore than elsewhere to get work permits and permanent residency status.

World-class institutions and quality education

The concentration of world-class educational institutions in Singapore is a testament that it stands out as a global talent location. These institutions, being well renowned, offer a choice of specializations on MBA programs to attract best and many students world over. If you are choosing to study an MBA program in Singapore, at these institutions, you can select finance, digital business, entrepreneurship, organization, business and innovation among the many specializations.

Most of these international business schools also offer many student exchange programs with other international schools in other parts of the world.

Vibrant economy

The vibrant and thriving cosmopolitan, and whose economy is in the excess of $300 billion, combines the benefits of offering a rich job market and also trade or business for anyone who pursues an MBA. It also records the lowest crime rates than other cities and is, therefore, a safe place to live while at the same time providing the best education.

Rich culture

Last and not the least, Singapore is a multicultural community with people from all parts of the world, which makes it a place of rich diverse culture. Expatriates make up 30% resident population in Singapore. Some faculties in some institutions have up to 88% of international students. Singapore is the only Asian location that connects China, India and Southeast Asia economies. This provides rich opportunities for students to connect with fellow students.

Thriving place for startups

The above also provides rich opportunities for those looking for international markets. While in other markets you get a domestic market, where there is a strong international focus, exposing residents and expatriates to diverse business models, trends, developments, and leadership. This is in addition to the massive experience in business, knowledge, practical and social spheres.

For that reason above, it is a place for the innovative economy, ranking fifth worldwide according to the Global Innovation Index. It is a place where startups and companies in the innovative space are launching every day. Students specializing in MBA tech courses find rich opportunities for innovative business ventures. It has ranked as the world’s best for doing business by the World Bank.


Most international students chose Singapore as international education destination for MBA because of its rich culture, affordable MBA education compared USA and Europe, and because it offers a lot of job opportunities.

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