Specialized Shoes for Claw Toes, Bunion Feet & Heel Pain

It is important for people who spend a lot of time standing or walking to wear comfortable shoes. The shoes protect the feet from the dirt and other items on the floor. However, if the shoes are not properly designed or not fitting properly, there is likely to be some amount of friction between the feet and the shoes. This can result in shoe bites which are extremely painful, since the top layer of the skin may get damaged. The shoe bites make walking very painful, and also adversely affect the health of the person. Most shoes are designed for standard foot sizes. However, based on the actual shape of the feet, a person should choose the right shoes to avoid problems at a later date.

Most of the shoe sizes available are based on the length of the feet and only a limited number of sizes are available based on the demand. The feet size is usually related to the height of the person, so people who are extremely tall or have large feet, will often not find the shoes they require at most stores. They will have to find shoes for people with big feet which usually only a few specialised stores are stocking. Alternately they can get these shoes specifically made for them after providing the dimensions of their feet to the shoe maker. Getting custom made shoes is expensive and time consuming, so people should plan their shoe requirement in advance.

Many people are suffering from heel pain or plantar fasciitis due to the shape of their feet, lack of arch support or injuries. In these cases, it is advisable to purchase specialised shoes for heel pain. These shoes are developed after extensive research to provide support to the arch of the feet. In addition to alleviating the pain to some extent, this also reduces the strain on the back, feet and legs. Often the shoes will have an orthotic insole for support. The shoes may have a cushioning sole on the front part, and air pockets in the rear section. The shoe material should be designed for shock absorption, so that the pain which the person experienced on impact of the foot, will be reduced to some extent.

Individuals who have claw toes which are turning downwards will often find that conventional shoes do not fit their feet properly. Hence they will require special shoes for claw toes, which are supplied only by specialised shoe makers. Since the size of the foot with claw toes is usually larger than the standard foot size, the shoe which is designed for them, will be larger in size,and the height of the shoe will also be more. Specifically the toe area should be larger in size.

Individuals who have bunions on their feet, have feet which are wider than the feet of most people. Since wearing conventional shoes will cause discomfort and pain, they should opt for shoes for bunion feet. These orthopedic shoes are available in a wide variety of designs, materials and colours depending on whether they will used for walking, running or other activities. These shoes are usually wider than standard shoes to accommodate the bunion feet.

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