Top Benefits of Mobile Computers

A mobile computer is a handy device that can work like a typical computer. Its functions are different from that of a computer because it works as a barcode scanner. It, however, doesn’t need to be connected to a computer like other barcode scanners. This is because it has a display screen and an operating system. Below we explain more.

Benefits of Mobile Computers

1. Labor Savings

Getting a mobile scanner means you eliminate the manual inventory processes. This way, you can reduce the labor required for various picking, packing, and shipping processes. This will help reduce the non-value-added labor, saving you money.

2. Better satisfaction of customers

Mobile computers will reduce errors in shipping and inventory. You’ll have more accurate data and improve how you serve your customers. You’ll also improve efficiency because of the faster, and more accurate service.

3. Customer engagement

With a mobile computer, one can move around and engage customers. You don’t have to worry about standing where your scanner is in a warehouse. You can move around with your mobile computer as it’s just like a mobile phone.

4. Accessibility

Since they have an operating system and a display screen, mobile computers can easily view previous and newly scanned information. You won’t need to go to the adjoined computer as it would have been with the other barcode scanners.

5. Wide range of functions

Some mobile computers offer up-to-date functions and you can find such from The integrated scanning engine can scan various symbols, including 2D barcodes and QR codes. This is highly efficient in your company as you’ll be able to scan everything with ease.

6. Inventory

When using a mobile computer, a store can track its goods. You can know exactly how much you have remaining, what you need to purchase, and the slow-moving products. This will really improve stores planning. You can check the slow-moving product and give a discount. You’ll avoid over-stocking and clear much space in your store.

7. Elimination of physical inventory

Physical inventory can be costly and time-consuming. On top of that, it’s prone to errors and mistakes. You’ll have a more efficient system when you purchase a mobile computer. You’ll save cost, save time and improve accuracy.

8. Operational visibility

In management, measuring is important. A mobile computer will improve your measuring and influence how you manage your store. A mobile computer will let you know exactly how much of everything you purchase and sell. You will also know how much you have remaining. With this, a company will measure its performance compared to clients’ needs.

9. Freedom to roam

One will be able to cover the duties in a big space without the worry of being held back by wires. This improves your efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Customers’ expectations keep growing every day. A customer would hate staff that is not sure of the availability of products. In an attempt to meet these demands, mobile computers are improved all the time, and they have an ever-growing list of benefits. All these benefits coupled with the freedom of movement make a mobile computer a must-have equipment in your company.

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